Frequently Asked Questions

What about indoor playground of the design and indoor playground equipment prices?

We will desin according to the size of play area and your requirement. The price dependson what type of equipment is designed in the playground.

Whether the products meet Our national standards?
Our products are strictly manufactured accordance with the the highest quality standards ofEuropean standards or American standards, raw materials certified by TUV, products
certified by CE. If you can accept the European standards or American standards, then wecan meet your requirements of product standards.
In our country(or city), is there a playground that had installed?

We provide products to customers all over the world,and so far there are customers tharcome from more than one hundred countries to cooperate with us.  “Hi-I am interested inproduct and installation pricings. The FAQ said”  Please click here (Business Modeling) formore information. if you need more detailed information,please contact us.

What about the playground Installation?

We provide installation services, we have the world 's top installation team, experienced andremarkable efficiency . Installation costs are not included ip the product costs, there areseparated.

What about the delivery, payment (trade term) and shipment?

Trade terms: we accept: EXW, or FOB. EXW is Preferred, because this is a cheaper way forboth of us. If you want, we can provide the FOB. In case the products are smaller, DHL, uPS,FedEx would be used. The price of those is decided by weight and distance. Please clickhere (DHL ,UPS, FedEx) to look over the latest price list.

How long do you need to design?

This depends on how many the projects and how big the customer's site is, as well as the requirements of the entire design. In general, we can ensure that we can provide the design about 2-3 days after receiving customer's field map. If it is a large site,it will take 5-7 days.For soft playground, it is very fast to design, the main difficulty lies in the amount of investment of the customer's budget control and other relative children amusement equipments in the soft play. If all the planning of large places are designed by us ,it will be much faster. Here we would like to remind every customer : it is better to ask one company to finish the design of large site because different designer has his own different idea,which is also good for the accuracy.

Which projects do the quotation list of indoor playground?

1, The quotation list of indoor playground is according to the customer's site, budget and other requirements because every project is not the same.
After communicating with customer, designer will design a rendering of playground. Detailed quotation list should be listed when customer confirms the required equipments including in the rendering.
2, A set of soft playground is including the cashier and shoe cabinet, it means that the quotation list of Leqi giving is including the price of the cashier and shoe cabinet. As for cashier system, we can't provide, but customers can choose and buy cashier system separately.

How about the safety performance of kids soft play?

The soft play of Leqi is passing the International, UL standard safety testing, which can be at ease use; In the using process, if children are injured because of our product quality problem (such as platform suddenly falls off, slide segment crack and other problems about quality of the products), we will be responsible for times of medical expenses, but except for (that is, the kid's deliberately jostled with according to the guiding rules and not use). LeQi firmly believe that: quality is our fundamental business survival, and only make qualified products, our brand will get everyone's approval. Mentioned security, having to say is that the naughty castle need pay extra attention to a series of threats which are harmful to children, such as fire prevention, electricity, waterproof (drowning), mechanical damage and so on. So, children safety measures should be done well.

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