How to maintain and pay attention to Children's Amusement Park

The playability and safety of the playground are closely related to the quality and organization of the indoor soft play equipment, so it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of kids indoor playground manufacturers and designers.
The indoor children's paradise has become a place for many parents and children to find joy. Because in these places, many children and parents can see a lot of entertainment facilities and let them feel fun. But at the same time, many people should also consider a problem, that is, such a facility, in the long-term use, there will be some problems. So many people have to go for repairs. What should be done when repairing?

Indoor playground maintenance and maintenance skills

Speaking of the maintenance of the soft zone, in fact, many people, in the process of maintenance, need to pay attention to such aspects, so that they can better carry out maintenance.

The first aspect: daily attention

Many people are always able to find fault problems when performing maintenance on this facility and then perform repairs. However, many people have overlooked that it is necessary to start from the details when repairing. Only in this way can the repair be carried out thoroughly so that no problems arise.
1. Whether there is a hard object left by the children in the ball pool.
2. Whether there is a crack in the slide.
3. Whether the decoration has the possibility of falling.
4. See if the overall framework is innocent.
5. To check if there is a crack in the trampoline or a spring fall.
6. Whether the safety fence is broken or the gap is too large;
7. Whether the electric equipment can operate normally or there is a safety hazard of leakage.
8. Does the main structure have a large sway?
9. Inspections should be recorded in detail and archived for future reference.

The second aspect: operating in accordance with security regulations

When such a facility is being repaired, many people need to pay attention to it, that is, it is necessary to operate according to safety regulations. Only in this way can you operate in accordance with safety standards and thus avoid any problems. Therefore, this has become a point that many people need to pay attention to now. At the same time, it is also an aspect that needs to be noticed during maintenance.

The third aspect: doing soft play cleaning

Equipment cleaning has simple cleaning and complex cleaning. Simple cleaning is to soak some toys in 1:99 diluted household bleaching water for 30 minutes, then rinse with water. The steps for complex cleaning are as follows:
(1) Rinse and wipe with flowing water to remove the dirt attached to the surface of the playground;
(2) scrub with a special disinfectant to kill possible infectious bacteria;
(3) and then wipe with flowing clean water to remove the disinfectant;
(4) Ultra-high penetration sterilization for 10-20 minutes by ultraviolet light.
Guangzhou Leqi reminds you that careful cleaning can extend the life of children's entertainment equipment. Just like a woman who cares about maintenance, she will look younger than her peers. Equipment and toys are maintained and used, and this project will maximize your benefits.

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