Snow and ice Theme

The real scenes of thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow have not been experienced by so many people, and children have a fascination with "snow". In this "ice world", there are infinite wisdom and creativity of designers, with a blue-and-white style, with elements such as snowflakes, icicle, elk, cedar, chimneys, and eaves, attracting visual design. Curious children, let the whole project be like a snow castle standing in the Antarctic glacier, creating a beautiful picture of ice and snow, silver, and a strong sense of immersion. Combining the local climate of the customer makes it easier to attract the attention and interest of parents and children.

It’s snowing, do you want to go snowman and snowballs;

It’s snowing, do you remember that some animals have entered the hibernation period;

It’s snowing, do you think of the fairy tale of Snow White........

Our design concept of ice-theme soft play park is mainly based on blue and white, in order to create a cold, beautiful and endless imaginary environment.Once you enter the park, you can really feel it is in the winter that you can’t wait to play inside.

We also incorporate other creative houses, snowmen, wooden fences and other elements, the purpose is to make the whole project like a snow castle standing in the Antarctic Ice, more easily to attract the attention and interest of parents and children.



Product Description


ISO9001, ISO14001, CE Certification, 3C Certification, SGS Certification


1. Plastic Accessories: LLDPE Engineering Plastic
2. Column: National Standard Galvanized Pipe. Mainly ф 48mm / 2.0mm.
3. Surface treatment: a new type of tube with lattice pattern, with wall thickness of 20mm
4. Coupling Parts: Ductile iron pressure casting fasteners with high-strength anti-loose screws
5. Screw; galvanized high-strength screw, with protective green plastic cover
6. Platform:20mm wooden board + 20MM pearl cotton+0.5mm PVC


PE protection net, environmental protection EVA floor mat, ocean ball pool, single-log wooden bridge, slide tube, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, cartoon partition, animal shaking and other soft play accessories


Standard export package: Plastic parts are packed in bubble film, steel parts are packed in cotton

Welding Process

Arc welding

Drilling Process

Bench drilling

Surface treatment

Teflon paint


Sawing machine cold cutting, polishing, arc welding, spraying Teflon paint


Soft play area, electric accessories area, track, trampoline

Age range

3-14 years old


Amusement park, Kindergarten, Preschool, Neighbor, Mall, KFC, McDonald, Relax Country Club, Shopping center, Hotel, Urban Complex, Community

Expiration Date

1. Plastic Parts: 1 year
2. Metal Parts: 1 year


1. There are various types of indoor products in our company, a lot of selection for you, which can be customized according to customer requirements and site conditions.

2. Anti-ultraviolet ,ageing resistance ,anti-static

3. Environmental-friendly and safe.

4. Bright color, in line with the children's psychology, not easy to fade.


1. Appropriately control the number of game participants, keeping the number of participants in a safe range.
2. Check the structure regularly and tighten the screws.
3. Check the soft bag regularly and keep them tightly covered at all times.
4. Cleaning regularly
5. Do not strike the metal structure with a blunt object, which may result in irreversible deformation.
6. Do not bring any sharp objects into the device, which may result in equipment damage or even personal injury.
7. Avoid scrubbing with strongly corrosive liquid.

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