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On July 22-23, 2018, the team of Guangzhou Leqi Company ,manufacturing indoor soft play equipment, had a tourist to Xunliao Bay. This time, there were more than 60 people taking two buses to go together,which was a privately-owned team.At 7:30 in the morning we gathered at the factory, setting off at 8:00 on the first day. When arrived at our destination, we headed to the restaurant for lunch. Then we took a trip by fishing boat to the sea to experience fishermen’s life, next we played on the beach, or visited South of the Five Ridges Folk Culture Street and prayed in front of Mazu(a god) in the famous Thean Hou Temple. After that we arrived at the hotel to check in, took a break, ate dinner in the evening.Finally we went back to the hotel for a rest.This is the first day of the trip. The next day we slept until woke up naturally.After eating breakfast, we went to the farm after checking-out and experienced the farm life. The most original stove here was the firewood. You would show your cooking skills here. The foods were all farmer's vegetables and their own chickens and fish. After preparing for it, the chefs would like to show their cooking skills. After eating and drinking, we would be ready to return after a short break. This was the two-day tour of the company team. Let's take a look at some wonderful moments.

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Do you want to throw him into the sea? Hey hey.......
Fishing and experience in the sea
Do it yourself and pluck the chicken in person.
These two young boys’ looked professional.
This handsome boy squatting in the middle who wearing a sunglasses, I just want to ask if you can pluck the chicken clearly?
Is this beauty picked the leaves of sweet potato?
Is this posture for looking at which table of dishes more delicious?
Firewood cooking at noon.
The chef started to show the cooking skills~ This is the tilapia.
These two chefs’ posture seemed to be very professional haha~
For a while, a table of ten dishes and a soup would be done, making my mouth watering.
Cheers for our hard-working meals.......
We are a team, working together to win, and working together to create a better future.

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