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Long Term Experience and Professionalism in the Amusement Industry.We focus on R&D, production, sales and service for more than 10 years.We are the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of amusement equipment for kids play center and has become a standard in a variety of locations worldwide
Strong R & D Professionalism We have our own 2D and 3D platform. Our R&D team is one of the most outstanding and talented teams in this industry. We have over 100 patents for some special item and playground design, and over 100 planning copyrights
Best Prices for Top Quality We are direct toddler indoor play equipment manufacturer with over 15,000sq m factory and we have both local and international sales team. We handle sales directly without any middleman in between. Customers can enjoy best prices with highest quality and reliable products.
Excellent Services Prompt and Immediate After Sales Services and Support Professional Technical Team for Spare parts supply and problem-solving Professional Technical Team for Spare parts supply and problem-solving

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Accreditation of our business philosophy,business model and brand

Visit Company

Have a certain financial and marketing management ability, prepare sufficient working capital

Sign a Contract

Understand the acting regional market

Professional Training

Within the scope of agency, make the best efforts to cooperate with manufacturers to promote products and brands

Warranty Period and Regulation

A. Warranty period: One year

B. Vulnerable items are not covered by warranty. For example: ocean balls,decoration,sponge balls,basketball frame, floor mats, etc.

C. In the case of non-man-made damage, customer should provide evidence that it was caused by product’s problem. Customer should take a picture of the scene and we will identify the problem. Then we will arrange for delivery if the customer is able to deal with it (We will send accessories to customer for installation, and provide video guidance for maintenance) or send maintenance man to repair . In addition, customers will send the damaged products back to the factory when it is necessary to study the reason of the damage and improve the quality of the products.

Ask the customer the phenomenon of the equipment failure, suggest customer takes the spot photo or video and so on.

Ask customer the quantity ,proportion, the size, reason and so on.

Report the customer feedback to the related staff.

According to the customer's actual situation, negotiate a solution to the problem.

Quality Inspection

step 1 & 2

STEP1 IQC:After the raw materials arrive at the factory, the quality inspectors strictly check the products supplied by the suppliers according to the company's material acceptance criteria.Ensuring the good quality of Enterprise material inventory from the Source

STEP2 IPQC / PQC:After material acceptance, the quality of the first product and the production process should be determined when the product goes on line because of the reasons of batch sampling inspection and storage in the reservoir area, so as to improve the finished product rate, reduce the cost and improve the product quality.

step 3 & 4

STEP3 FQC:They will be packaging into storage after the completion of production During this process, FQC will carry out a comprehensive quality inspection of the product, including packaging, performance, appearance, etc. To ensure the quality, appearance, packaging and compliance of incoming products.

STEP4 Conversation meeting :It is an indispensable part of the relevant departments to conduct regular conversations. Through various departments, the process optimization plan is proposed for the problem points, and the customer complaint investigation is improved to improve product quality and service.

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Our Service

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