Trend of toddler indoor playground development

Toddler indoor playground project after recent years of rapid development, is gradually mature, for the limitation of the regional climate, the north is by conducting some of the children's park manufacturer paradise inflatable children to overcome this limitation. Inflatable type as the theme in first and leads the market with brand chain of children's paradise. And although some of the common design overcome the temporary economic storm, but largely eliminated by the market. Thus, innovation and experience strong equipment can better adapt to market development, chain brand even if can't make it, can have its own new idea is also very powerful competitive conditions and characteristics. According to the survey, some children's paradise with higher popularity on the market on the design plan has a great generality:originality and story. Indoor adventure playground relative to the outdoor playground is more suitable for young children's entertainment, the future of China's education industry is regarded as one of the top ten potential industry, but a lot of people ignored the childlike innocence and naughty children. In the study, provide a safe, clean, health, fun indoor adventure playground for children entertainment, this is the product of social development. And according to the China indoor children's paradise of distribution density, also has the very big development space.


The future of indoor children's park development is bound to have the following characteristics:
1. People-oriented emotional experience design.
Indoor adventure playground design should follow the principle of people-oriented, give full consideration to the sensory experience of children, pay attention to design emotional input, interesting and challenging and aesthetic emotional factors, to children's imagination, which interact and resonance.
2. Comprehensive multielement synaesthesia stimulus.
Like knocking sound emitted by an object is the nature of children. Through the injection of audio-visual information, can bring children into a more specific context, to experience the game itself, thus to strengthen the appeal of the game, to form a good interactive experience
3. Through the story foil environment.
Stories and listening to stories is a basic human ability, for children, the more absolutely attractive. Through the introduction of the story, we can build environment to promote and publicize products, make product situation more dramatic, and process experience ascension.
Indoor children's playground and outdoor amusement park the largest similarity is that they are all together for pleasure make a fairy tale world, through the model, such as equipment technology has created a reality does not exist in the ward. As a result, the sense is very important, story reflects in appealing. Although many cities is a historical city, but the formation of the natural landscape conditions is limited, children's park to spend relatively more energy into the design of the story. At the same time, since this is the reality does not exist in another world, is the more creative the better, of course, the same natural lose interest, then the importance of originality. Pay attention to the harmony to the theme of environmental coordination (including the humanities environment and the ecological environment). Unique opinion that manifests itself, into the architectural landscape elements, landscape and water through the elegant and comfortable environment art packaging, reflect the theme style in detail design. At the same time, the project design to be unique and novel, analyzing the demand of consumer groups and feelings, planning for unique aquatic amusement equipment and multi-functional entertainment project. In the industry has its own bright spot and uniqueness, improve business competitiveness, let visitors experience a water entertainment.
Because indoor children's paradise, relative to other domestic cities children's park development started relatively late, early mainly introducing and imitating the form of construction and management. But along with the increase in children's playground, operators also accumulate experience in the development process, gradually appeared in recent years indoor children's paradise of their own brands, reform in the direction of independent development and management. If we can blend story and originality, so it will be new to the indoor children's park development.

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