Five Development Trends of Children's Amusement Industry

Passenger flow is of self-evident importance to most commercial projects. In the past, whether in shopping malls or business complexes, the first consideration was "women's economy", but now everyone has turned their attention to "children's economy" of kids game center. Children's experience format can attract popularity for shopping malls in a short time, increase customers' stay time in the mall, stimulate parents' potential consumption, and invisibly increase family consumption. Many shopping centers also see it as a way to combat e-commerce, or even as a "life-saving straw" to save the homogenization of shopping centers. According to the commercial real estate report, the proportion of children's business form, catering, leisure and indoor entertainment continues to rise, children's theme expands significantly, and family shopping centers become the mainstream of regional business circles.
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Existing problems in the Recreation Industry

Because children's play mode can enhance the popularity of shopping centers and increase sales to a certain extent, it has become the "standard matching" of shopping centers for a time. A large number of children's recreation has entered the commercial complex. At present, there are many problems in the children's business in China: serious homogeneous competition, single mechanism and the problem of capital income, etc. All of these need a long time to develop to be mature and stable.
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Understanding trend curve overtaking

Despite the many problems and immaturity of the children's industry market, the children's industry has become one of the most potential industries with the onset of the baby boom and the strong economic impetus. Children's amusement items can be seen in all major shopping centers, and children's formats are used to stimulate the sales of shopping malls. Children's experience, uniqueness and good service are the keys to their market recognition. The new development trend of children's industry has attracted great attention of major enterprises. The upgrade of equipment, the integration of the whole industry chain and the joint consumption of adults will be the top priority in future development.
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Recreation equipment upgrade

Many operators have noticed the importance of equipment in the operation of children's equipment. If there are several kinds of amusement equipment going back and forth in the process of operation, it will not be very popular, because children are often unable to resist the attraction of novel amusement equipment. So in the process of operation, amusement equipment must be updated regularly. Now more brands begin to abandon the previous inflatable equipment.
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Integration of the whole industrial chain

Full industrialization has become one of the main trends in children's business. Integrating different business forms, superimposing retail or catering through entertainment business forms, can meet the needs of different stages with the growth of children. If a brand can provide products or services in the whole industry chain, it will surely enhance the cohesion between customers and brands.

Adult Consumer Interaction

In the early stage of children's business in China, businesses did not attach importance to the importance of bringing children to adults. Therefore, the ability of adult consumption has not been brought into full play, but simply let children experience and play, can not really form commercial value. Often two adults send their children to play, but they have nothing to do, no place to shop or rest. With the development of the children's entertainment industry, the future will be better complementary to other adult formats and enhance adult consumption.
In terms of brand, attention should be paid to the contribution of adult consumers to sales; in terms of commercial projects, attention should be paid to the interaction between children's formats and surround formats. Through a reasonable combination of formats, the relevant consumers brought by children's main body will inevitably be able to repay businesses directly or indirectly. For example, leisure catering, book bar, beauty SPA, cinema and other forms of adult consumption around children's amusement.

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