What is the toddler indoor playground?

In recent years, there is new large toddler indoor play equipment. The operation and installation of the naughty castle are not limited by the site, whether indoor or outdoor, or irregular site, can be installed, simple management, convenient maintenance. The materials are mostly engineering plastics, PVC, leather, galvanized steel pipe frame, sponge and so on. The main recreational events inside the indoor soft play include hoppers, ocean pools, gliding, single wooden bridges, iron cable bridges, driving bunkers, revolving slides, large slides, rainbow ladders, rock climbing, volcanic eruptions, carbine guns, cannons, air cars, coconut trees, Water bed, balloon house, turning horse, time-space shuttle, happy octopus, water slide, water roller, pirate ship, etc. Depending on the project, the prices of different schemes range from several hundred yuan per square meter to thousands of dollars per square meter.
Le Qi turned an inline space in the MALL shopping mall in Longhua, Shenzhen into a family leisure and indoor play area. The convenient location allows parents to relax and enjoy the fun. At the same time, the children can have fun with their friends. In this mall, they can also buy a lot of things they like. See more photos of the play area here:

Octopus in indoor playground park


Is it the urge to see a giant octopus that is super big and in a very interesting pose to take pictures with it? And in front of them are some of the members of the underwater column, who I believe you all know, an impulsive orange kitten, (kwazii), a polar bear, the bravest captain (barnacles), of the team. A lovely penguin, Pico, and the chef of the little column. Aren't they cute?

Animation themed design

This naughty castle is designed around the theme of a small column on the bottom of the ocean, and it restores the scene and the animation characters in the animation, and it's also deeply optimized in terms of decorating so that children who come in and play can quickly fit into the animation. The scene and play happily.

Environment of toddler indoor playground

indoor ball pool

Clean and bright ball pools with fun little wave slides can be used to roll around with parents and interact with their parents during the festival, such as treasure hunt winning groups will also receive beautiful gifts to take home.

Totality, playability, learning

Playground equipment is safe and non-toxic, odorless materials full-field iron leakage 2. A reasonable mix of toys and equipment is also one of the reasons why children can stay for a long time. Here they come into contact with a lot of people and new things and gain insight in the process of playing. Parents can safely put their children inside to play.

Hide-and-seek in kids play center

It turns out the rollers can still play like this. No wonder they can play in there for a whole day and don't want to come out.


So far, More and more parents have little time to take their children out to play because they are busy at work. It is a very good place to have so much time on weekends. Children in the open play parents outside to read a book a small massage is also a very nice relaxation, family leisure and entertainment. The mall is the most suitable place to be mischievous

Fun trampoline parks

Children who play trampolines regularly are good for physical development, and younger children need to be accompanied by their parents to play with walls and the most popular walls this year.When you Put on that little yellow coat. look at the past like a hardworking bee.

Stage of kids game center

indoor stage

Love to eat sweets, like to play with little friends, like to find a place to show that you are every child's nature as a whole playground how can you get a tall stage as you can see this stage is comparable Star stage children on the birthday festival can be a few friends to eat cake in the inside together singing and dancing what an interesting party!
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